Let me just collect my thoughts…

It has been such a long time since I’ve written anything here…

And at 12.02 am on a Sunday night, Monday morning I just got the idea…

Sometimes I feel that we all need a forum to voice our opinions and concerns etc, just to get things off of our chests and then be at peace with it.

Helping my youngest sister with her assignment and reading a pamphlet about how  Matariki or maori new year is a time where people come together to discuss the new year and new beginnings has just inspired me to do an update…

The last time I wrote on this blog was when my sister’s were still here in South Korea, and I was still revelling in their love and in their presence here with me… it was such a gift to have them here in Korea and I feel like my last blog really didn’t capture that beauty at all.


Because I was blindsided by some more negative feelings (this blog basically being the pit of whatever emotion seems to be coursing through my veins at any given time).

Negative feelings dealt with and healthily curbed to the side…

Here is what I have been up to so far…

I am still working at the same preschool teaching job  that I initially travelled 10,000 km to Gangnam, Seoul, South Korea for.

I am living in the same apartment, which is super messy at the moment because my irresponsible younger sister-friends believe that they can leave my house in a mess and it  will be okay.

Like… foreal?

Earlier today when we were having a heart to heart about me leaving and heading back to New Zealand next year…

younger doko: “you’re going to miss this”

me: “yeah”

yd: “chilling, the freedom…”

me: “yeah”

yd: “you’re going to miss us trashing your house…” [said with a loving smiley face… wow…]

*insert record scratching sound*

me in my head: bitch what???

me out loud: “I love you and everything but… GTFOH with that comment”.


My friends are here every weekend and I love the company and the laughs but there are times when i need my own space so after this coming weekend… I’ll let them know to stay in their own apartments … lol … anywhoooo …

Since my last post I have definitely become a lot less focused on the matters of the heart… I mean sure I might look and see someone that I like and maybe dance or converse and chill…but im protecting my heart a lot these days.


A new beginning for me beginning this month:

Being more focused on harmony.

When I say harmony I mean the hollistic being. This means I am going to need to be more focused on myself spiritually, physically, mentally and personally (the gray areas not covered by these three parts of the self)

So my goals are to:

  1. Go to church at least twice a month’
    • keep with the two week bible plan challenge beginning the 25th of June
    • become a little more involved with church in about two months time
  2. go to the gym at least three times a week
    • home girl unhealthy asf at the moment but not for long!
    • eating healthier… otherwise smaller portions
  3. call home at least once a week
    • keeping in the loop when it comes to my parents, brother and younger sisters’ lives is important for me living away from home since i’m already missing out on so much already (i help my baby sister with her homework when she needs it)
  4. cook at least three times a week
    • this will hopefully help me with damage control seeing as i am a huge snacker
    • the need to snack will be eliminated when i have to cook… no time to snack… just to enjoy cooking!
  5. go somewhere at least twice a month
    • seeing as I will be heading back home in about 8 months the need for me to make the most of south korea and its neighbouring countries has never been stronger
    • for now as a first step i’ve been looking for edgy and awesome restaurants around seoul, incheon, daegu, busan and yeoido as prospective first places to gap it to
  6. go out (dancing etc) no more than twice a month
    • going clubbing is not as fun as it used to be
    • travelling to different places and creating new experiences in this way is more interesting for me
    • it’s probably also a heck of a lot cheaper to seek out awesome experiences than to get super boozed only to have an ugly night with memories that are not guaranteed to be happy ones


with my goals ready to be made public and thus holding me accountable… im ready to make a start on my homework…

This post was more for me than for you the reader… but with my clarity you’ll be better entertained next time…

aaaaaaahhhh… and goal number seven:

  •  write entries in my blog on a regular basis
    • this will be important for me to keep a record and to make sure i keep myself pushing forward, record my progress etc…


tofa soifua,

Ia manuia le po,


Chocolate Sasalapa


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