Heart Hummings…

This is an offloading…

First of all…

My family

For the past three weeks I have had the amazing opportunity to be in the presence of my two beautiful sisters who i hadn’t seen in a year and half, caught in lifes wind that bought me to work here in yeoksam, gangnam, seoul, south korea.

and the reunion has been beautiful.

at first they were supposed to have left after a week but my love for them and need for them to be close to me and with some convincing from my baby sister and a friend (YOLO sis!!! What other opp will you have, or will they have??? Gap the flight and handle the B.S later) and here they are lying asleep in my apartment after another eventful day and night trying to experience what seoul has to offer.

having my babies (theyre actually 12 and 20) so close to me and being enraptured in their company, experiencing exactly how much they have grown through their changed attitudes, the gargantuan sizes of their personalities and their reactions to new situations and people have allowed me this small window of time to learn more about them and how they have developed while i have been gone for so long.

despite the distance, the time, the new experiences that have shaped us each individually one thing that remains is our mutual love and respect for each other. this is something that i will always hold dear because at first i did feel nervous as to whether the individual experiences that we werent able to share with each other and therefore mutually learn from, would have changed us in such a way that meant we would not be able to meaningfully connect with each other again.

i always knew that it wouldn’t be the same as we had all grown up in the 1.7 year absence from each others presence.

but the love remains and has grown and developed to meet each other exactly where each of us are at in the moment.

and its such a beautiful thing.

to have that constance

that love.

that trust

that friendship

that adaptability

my sisters how i love you both!!!



your big sister


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