Girls Just wanna have fun…


For the last two weekends I have been going out Friday night and coming back home well into Saturday.

Not the kind of lifestyle that I would have chosen for myself but it is a great stress relief.

The only worry now is my financial situation.

I have also broken the promise that I had made to my dad about drinking alcohol here in Seoul City, South Korea.

I do feel an immense amount of disappointment in myself for not sticking to the original plan.

But at the same time I have had two incredible weeks where I have been much happier in my job.

And if a teacher is a happy one, I have realised, it exudes through you and hits your children.

My students have been notedly much more happy in the past week.

I absolutely love my students and it has taken me the best part of the last three to four months to finally wake up and acknowledge that first of all.

First of all I need to work on my self.

What makes me happy? What kind of activities and things do I enjoy doing? How can I incorporate these things into my classes so that my students might experiences a more interactive classroom?

The hagwon life as many a foreigner here in Apgujeong-Itaewon-Gangnam etc areas have identified is one where you have your balls stapled to your desk until you complete your textbooks.

But who said that teaching a textbook had to remain the incredibly boring hell pit never ending repetitive cycle of mental abuse?

Why not use the content in your text book to plan your classes in a more activities based framework?

After having my first amazing weekend I realised that my creative juices were actually flowing. Like legitimately.

I found myself happy and wanting to try out new ideas. Having my mind refreshed instead of carrying the burden of each week into the next one and just basically snowing myself under and killing myself, physically, mentally and emotionally.

I became a much angrier person. A bitter person.

The kind of person that I absolutely did not ever want to become… What was happening to me.

After actually relaxing in the weekend I felt loads better!!!! 🙂

Lighter. Freer. Beautiful inside exuding outwards…

I feel like the me that I want to be.


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