Lead us not into temptation…

As someone who believes in Christ’s sacrifice and in the power of Gods grace. There was a huge part of my relocating here to South Korea that depended on Gods favor.

You see, before I even set foot on the plane from Wellington New Zealand to Incheon, Seoul, South Korea, God was already a part of my journey.

I spent many nights deep in prayer and in tears as I questioned my decisions and whether my decisions were for myself or in accordance with Gods will.

And a few months later here I am in my apartment in Gangnam, living the life of a pre-school and elementary teacher.

With a new world comes new experiences…

And not all of them are positive. I came here as a virgin. Pretty much saving myself for marriage. But last night I almost gave it all up for someone who spoke beautiful, drunken words.

And that was when it hit me… My religion is changing. Christianity isn’t changing for me, but the physical make-up of my Christianity has changed with my coming here.

Away from my family and my friends I am now making decisions on my own. Is this right or wrong? What are my values? Should I do this or do that?

In the safety of familiarity and unspoken codes between family and friends and friends of family and friends I never had to worry about whether someone wanted to try and get into my pants or not. They knew not to, they knew who my brothers were, they knew my cousins.

Everybody back home knows my connections.

But here the only person that knows my connections, where I come from, and what I came to set out to do. Is me.

And last night was a huge scare because it had me drifting away from my principles, from my sense of self.

Thankfully, I mustered enough common sense and strength to turn and walk away.

But what motivated me to come here and write about it is the fact that. I had to muster that strength.

I almost gave in.

And that scared me.

May our good Lord strengthen us all and awaken with us these small realisations.


2 thoughts on “Lead us not into temptation…

  1. Welcome to adulthood and the realities of moving out of home. Although it is scary at first without that safety blanket always around you, you can learn the feeling of freedom and it is a very spiritual feeling. Whether in a religious context or not.


  2. Welcome to adulthood. It begins Like this, suddenly realising that you dont have a security blanket and you are the one responsible for your safety.
    what comes next is the feeling of Freedom. Well it did for me anyway. Its a very spiritually uplifting feeling. Whether based in religion or not.

    Enjoy this time in your life. It will come with a lot of up and downs.

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