Worrier Queen

Today marks a whole month since setting foot in Seoul, South Korea.

This is my very first blog post since touching down on the 25th of February 2015.

For a while I still had absolutely no concept of what was going on. It seemed as if I was saying goodbye to my dear and loved ones. I was shopping or things to bring. I was completing a TESOL class in a different city. I was on a plane.

Then suddenly POW!

I was in a new country.

From The Hutt, Welly in New Zealand to Gangnam, Seoul, South Korea.

In hindsight the rush was probably for the best because of my tendency to be completely and utterly INDECISIVE. Anyone who knows me will be shouting amen to that.


The experience.

At the moment I am a teacher at a Hagwon or private school that caters to pre-school and elementary children. And overall I am loving it because I am learning. There’s just one problem.

It has become my life. I start at ten in the morning and finish at ten past six in the evening. Most nights however you can find me staying in until 8.30 or so to catch up.

Don’t get me wrong it’s not a complaint. Surprisingly. Despite the fact that this job is keeping me up at night. I still love it. That’s the crazy and most interesting part.

I stay up at times worried about whether what I have planned to teach the next day will be adequate enough in accordance with the students’ learning levels.

Is my teaching differentiated enough?

Will my students be at the stage of learning that they need to be at in order to adequately complete this test?

Will this project stir their interest?

I am constantly worrying about whether the work that I set my students is really helping them learn.

Etcetera x3

I think it’s very healthy for a teacher to have these kinds of questions in their teaching. However, when it becomes an enveloping kind of thing where you are constantly second guessing yourself I think that there is some potential for a problem.

Which is why I am now blogging about this…

This is my question…

Will there be a time where this constant worry will turn to solidified confidence in ones ability to… well… teach their students?

Of course there are many different factors contributing to a teachers mindset as an educator.

Fresh out of Grad school with a secondary/high school degree.

One month into teaching in a completely different country.

Private school teaching with experience in public high-schools.

Behaviour management issues and a lack of regard (on the part of the students) for consequences etc.


Very nice to get these thoughts out there…

It will now be much easier to get and analytical perspective of these thoughts.

Hmmmmmmmmmmm… teaching in reflection…


Soifua ma ia manuia,

Chocolate Sasalapa

Gangnam, Seoul, South Korea


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