Distraction: A Force working for good or for…eville?

So it’s the seventh day of December and Christmas is literally just around the corner. It’s the season of celebration, or reunion with loved ones from near and far. A time when shopping takes on a completely new meaning (if your blessed with money to spend at this time) in that you purchase for others. Whether the thoughts are negative or positive are facts that we can bypass. Christmas.

This early I am starting to feel the Christmas spirit, I am playing old Christmas songs on youtube as I cook, as I bake, as I read, as I live and as I endeavour to both convincingly start and finish my assignment that is due tomorrow by 4 pm.

1500 words.

3 pages of 12 pt Times New Roman typing stands in the way of my current state of anxious.

And now it’s the 8 February 2015. (I am happy to update on the fact that said paper was completed, and I am now a graduate school… graduate? Is that how it’s meant to be said? I digress…)

AND THIS IS THE LESSON, a perfect example of my dilemma. Procrastination at its finest and realist. A lot of things that I have been attempting to complete in my life ESPECIALLY when it comes to writing often gets left on the back burner.

On the bottom right hand corner of my page it says that the last draft of this writing was saved at 10:57:33 am on December 7 2014 at 6.34 am.

And it has only taken about… 2 months (O.O) to get back on track.


They are an evil that finds its way into the murkier corners of our minds and indeed lives.

Are you one of those people whose greatest executed plan comes under METHOD: on your average cooking website?
Or maybe you are extremely well prepared and can create an immaculate plan BUT lack the expertise in delivering the goods?

Have you ever felt extremely passionate about something like writing or reading or viewing something? And then taken steps to ensure that you have planned and gathered your resources, positioned yourself into focus mode when suddenly BOOM! ****

…You find that something more important comes up and your passion fuelled, planned and resourced activity is spear tackled onto the back burner?

Boy, are you in for a treat because have no fear, a chronic sufferer of distractions is here!

This is always the way isn’t it? It really happens like this. You may have planned to finally write that 100 page novel when BOOM! Your family members from overseas just arrived at your front door. OR you are just about to bake that amazing birthday cake when BANG! A friend is in need of your advice or something? And so on and so forth… etc… etc…

We often find ourselves postponing what we consider less important for things that might require our attention in a more immediate way.

The last two months have been full of many IMMEDIATE “side projects”.

* in random selection: *

I had gone to visit a friend of mine who I hadn’t seen in about a month and we had planned to hangout and go to bible study.

BANG! I arrived at her house to find that she had a guest who was a Muso. Lyrical collaborations and creative juice flowing took place and the much needed catch up was again systematically curtained.


I have been putting off writing a portfolio for entry into my Masters in creative writing (YES IT DOES EXIST! :P) and now in all of my job applications to different high-schools across the land of the Long White Cloud.
Boom! I have now landed myself a job teaching English in South Korea. (Which means yes, I will have to throw that Masters in creative writing on the back burner for what seems like the millionth time, BUT undoubtedly I will have a very interesting time and possible a lot more material after this new experience… God willing of course).


I have been meaning to lose weight for my cousins wedding later this year. (Another goal that has constantly suffered being clothes-lined to the back seat in my life).

And BOOMBANG: I am still on the fat side. This has been going on for the best part of my entire existence. Weight Loss and muscle toning is something that I am pretty well versed in. VERSED IN. Unfortunately I haven’t really gotten around to the physical part of that goal.

Instead of listing the different “interruptions” in our plans that life constantly throws at us (which could go on and on…and on).

In my experience all of the little “distractions” that have come my way have helped build the me that I have become.

All of our decisions obviously have an effect on what our futures may hold but even deeper than that a distraction (NOT TO BE CONFUSED WITH the over familiarity with TIME WASTERS THAT lead to PROCRASTINATION which is of course actually evil) when seen with the mind and soul has to have sprouted from AH-ttraction.

It is our reflection through our thoughts, through our experiences, what we love, what we are passionate about.

These things I believe have a power over us, there is a little bit of serendipity in what we are “distracted” by.

At this point at the beginning of a new chapter I sincerely believe that the things that have distracted me (to do with mind and soul at least) have had destiny whispered into them. Breathed into them.

I was meant to have a lyrical collaboration with that muso I met at my friends (one song that he sent me is a current project that I still need to touch up on). I was given an opportunity to go to South Korea (God willing I leave at the end of this month I will update about this of course). And about the weight-loss thing… the need to diet still comes and goes in waves, I do need to lose weight. And I am pretty sure that like all the distractions that have taken a hold of me this one in due time will have its chance.

It is very important that we do not overlook our distractions.

With your mind and soul in the right place think deeply and clearly about what has been distracting you.

Peace in the middle east.


Soifua ma ia manuia.



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