Meanwhile at Lockwood…

This marks the very first blog post.

What am I even doing here?

I have always needed a blog to off-load, you know things like study stress, family stress, church stress, friend stress, pretty much every single thing that you can attach to the word stress-type-stress. It’s all better out than in and what better way is there to apply this theory than catapulting ‘it” on to the internet?

This is my venting mechanism…

My cast every care of what people think, any identity that I have ever had to the wind, safe place. Where I will gladly cast ceramic dishes into the walls.

I love chocolate, chocolate is just so beautiful, it’s exotic, it’s flavoursome, it’s a gift, it’s made from cocoa, it’s brown, it’s yummy, it has had connections with so many different cultures in it’s development into what it’s known as today(Originally from the Mesoamerican region …) it’s a beautiful relationship… in moderation.

Sasalapa! The Samoan translation of a fruit more commonly known as the Custard Apple. I tasted this fruit for the first time on the island of Upolu (Western Samoa) in 2005 and haven’t been able to find a fruit that matches it’s level of deliciousness since.

Together these amazing contributions to the food family make my title…

Faafetai lava!

Soifua ma ia manuia


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